One bowling tip the majority of bowlers do not follow normally is taking time on your spares. We have all heard it in our leagues, tournaments, and even practice. Bowlers spend the most of their bowling nights worrying how many strikes they are going to throw, however at the end of the night probably have no idea how many spares they missed. In this new high scoring age we as bowlers look to throw 8 to 10 strikes a game and take for granted our spares.

If we break down a normal night of bowling and just cared about throwing strikes each game, we could easily make our 240-260 game into a 190-210 game due to laziness. Now at end of the night which one of these would look better a 750 series or a nice 610 series because we rushed our spares and missed them. If you look at your own bowling, I would bet you pay less attention to your spares in the early frames then the 9th and 10th frame.

Now let’s try to fix this problem. First thing we need to do is “Take your time”, I know it’s annoying to throw an excellent shot and have a single pin laughing in your face. The normal bowler will make an attempt at the spare; the rest will take it personal and just throw the spare away and hope to throw a strike the next frame. When you do this you are just running out of frames and lowering your score. Here is how we try to fix this, Get on the approach and take a nice deep breath, think about what you want to do and how to make this spare properly. Now that you have relaxed it’s time to take your shot, shoot at your spare straighter with some care and you will make it. If you do this each time you leave a spare, you will calm yourself down for your next shot and also make it easier to strike.

Now that we are relaxed, let’s focus on making them multiple pin spares. These are the ones that annoy us even more, and we are the sloppiest at making. Why do I say sloppy? Because most of us just get up and have little regards and hook the heck out of the ball out of frustration and miss it wildly. When approaching this spare take a moment and think, do I need to cross the entire lane to make this spare? Or can I just roll at it normally and still make it. Just taking three seconds to think will give you the answer and drastically help you make it mentally.

Now that we have seen making spares includes more than just a physical action and also is a mental decision, we can overcome missing them as much. One last bit of advice to live by when bowling your league is “Sparing is Caring” the more w


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