The professionals can give you lots of rap beat tips, but the basics to remember are tempo, balance and sound quality. If you can get a good handle on all of these, you can produce your own custom beat that will be good enough to compete with the sounds you hear on the radio. And best of all, with beat creation software you can do it all in the comfort of your own home.

That’s right, you can make beats with software that you download onto your own computer. There are many different brands out there, each with their unique spin on the process. Shop around and find one that works for you and you’ll be on your way to creating your own hot and heavy rap beat. Of course, no matter what software you use there are certain things you want to bear in mind.

A good beat is essential to any rap track. Without it, you’d just have a recording of spoken words. Finding the right beat is a matter of combining the sound of kick drum, snare drum and high hat into a smooth, rhythmic pattern. Once you’ve found a pattern that works for you, you can add other elements like sampling or special effects.

Sampling is one of the most important rap beat tips, as the right sample can make or break a beat. Your beat will only be as good as the samples you choose. Make sure you get the most sound out of your kick drum and snare, balancing out the two ends of the spectrum, and fill in with a healthy measure of high hat wherever you need it.

This can be a lot easier if you make beats with software specifically designed for the purpose. This can help you to get the most out of both your keyboard and your computer so that your finished beat has a crisp, professional sound. Most software programs have easy to follow instructions that guide you through the basics and then allow you to take it from there.

Once you’ve got your basic beat and sampling down, you can add even more spice to your beat with special effects. Things like reverb, delay and sub-bass can add an extra dimension to your beat taking it from the realm of the amateur to the professional. Adding in the echo effect of reverb, quick repeats that delay produces or an underlay of deep sub-bass can really make your beat pop.

In terms of rap beat tips, it all comes down to the mixing. This is where you bring all the elements together and make sure that each one gets the treatment it deserves. You can’t afford for one sound to wash out another, so you need to makes sure that everything is being heard and the whole thing comes together in one cohesive unit.

It doesn’t take thousands of dollars of professional equipment to make a great rap beat, you can do it yourself with beat software and a little creativity. Combining all the right tools, you can make a radical beat that has your own personal stamp on it. Before you know it, your beat will be the next big thing.


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