Recently Slovenia property was voted one of the top ten overseas property destinations in which to invest in and forecast growth is nearly 300% over the next ten years. Here we will look at the advantages of Slovenia property investment.

Many property investors have not heard of Slovenia yet, it is a small, dynamic and beautiful country located at the very heart of Europe, bordering Croatia, Austria, Hungary and Italy.

EU Membership and the Property Boom

As a recent member of the EU, Slovenia has already adopted the euro as its currency and has the highest GDP of any of the new member states. It is situated at the very centre of Europe between the old Eastern block and the West and has a well educated workforce as well as being strategically placed.

With EU membership, community funds and foreign investors have poured billions into the country and higher disposable incomes, has seen a higher demand for quality property.

This has resulted in supply exceeding demand and strong rises in values across most of the country.

30% + Growth per Annum

Ljubljana (the capital) has seen rental incomes and property prices soar and growth rates have exceeded 30% per annum in many districts. The property boom is not just in the capital but country wide. Skiing property in Slovenia has risen sharply in value and the popular resorts such as: Lake Bled and Bohinj have also seen strong rises.

While higher disposable incomes are helping property prices rise, there is another reason behind the growth and that’s tourism.

Slovenia is Beautiful

Slovenia may only be a small country – but it has much to enjoy, from soaring mountains, to lush valleys dotted with vineyards, fairytale forests and mighty rivers such as the Soca River. Slovenia even boasts an unspoilt stretch of Adriatic coastline, with the beautiful Venetian town of Piran at its heart.

Increasing Tourist Numbers

As access becomes easier to Slovenia, with an increase in budget airlines flying more frequently, more and more people are coming to enjoy the delights of the country and more will come, as the Government funds advertising of the tourist industry.

The Boom is in Its Infancy

Slovenia property is still competitively priced in many areas of the country and the potential for future growth is good. Property booms last for decades and this one looks to be in its infancy.

Buying Is Easy

Buying Slovenia property is straightforward and the buying process is designed to protect both buyers and sellers. To complete a property transaction should only take about a month. Finance and mortgage options are available locally, secured on the local property, rather than the buyer’s principle place of residence.

A Great Property Investment Destination

Today there are many specialist Slovenia estate agents to help you get the Slovenia home of your dreams. If you are buying overseas property as an investment or simply for pleasure discover Slovenia property and you maybe glad you did.


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