It’s no secret that horse racing has been a great source of entertainment, business and prosperity for the wealthy. In hopes to experience extreme thrill and earn money, owners, jockeys and trainers buy from a huge selection of race horses for sale and race them in games and competitions. While some owners and jockeys love their horses and truly care for them, others just mistreat, abuse and exploit their horses in the name of entertainment.

There exists a dark side in the ostentatious horse racing industry that most of us couldn’t see. Many of those we see as “horse lovers” in reality coerce their thoroughbreds into racing to make money and profit from their misery and discard them afterward.

In the wake of the cruelty thoroughbreds endure in the horse racing industry, here are a few myths from the same industry that will take you by surprise with their ugly truth.

“Horses Don’t Die Racing on the Racetrack”

Not a mere handful of accidental deaths, but plenty of them have traumatic and frightening deaths either on the racetrack or behind the closed barn doors. While some of the thoroughbreds sustain injuries they acquire during races and go on medical care and treatment, others die of terrible injuries on the racetrack itself.

“They All Retire from Racing and Be Happily Ever After”

Yes, they all do, eventually, but for no good reasons. Where those racing champions end up after treating their owners to great winnings, valuable offspring and hefty profits is in slaughterhouses. Following sustained injuries and lack of ability and strength to race anymore, thoroughbreds unfortunately become animal and human food and sometimes, are turned into glue.

“They Get the Best Possible Vet Care and Medical Treatment”

Absolutely. Racing professionals, owners and trainers understand their horses’ needs very well and take good care of them. Their eyes gleam with pride seeing their own love for horses. And, why shouldn’t they be proud of whipping their loving horses, drugging them with some fancy, undetectable “medications” they call it to perform beyond their limits even when they’re sorely injured?

Thoroughbreds are more than often kept working when they should ideally be recovering with a variety of drugs to mask pain and boost performance.

“They Are Trained for Years to Do What They Really Like”

Of course not! Horses are brought on the racetrack when they’re barely more than two or three. With their bones still developing, those young foals go through rigorous training and face racecourse stress and fatal injuries only to entertain human beings and yield big money for their owners.

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