1) Oregon (6-0) – Mighty Alabama falls to South Carolina, 35-21. Oregon receives a lame victory over a susceptible Washington State group. Boise State and TCU win towards a ways lesser competition than the Indiana Hoosiers, who lost to Ohio State. Who did you think have to be No. 1?  Https://IndoIssue.com

At least the Ducks have a win ove r Stanford, presently ranked 14th within the AP Poll and 4th by means of Sagarin. Oregon, like a number of teams, has a whole lot of offense and no longer loads of defense. The Ducks still lead the state in scoring offense (54+) and overall offense (567+), and rank 4th in dashing offense (317+).

2) Auburn (6-0) – Among 13 different undefeated teams nevertheless left. Beat South Carolina, presently ranked 10th in AP Poll. Still must face Arkansas, LSU and Alabama. Could slip decrease in a rush, much like Florida and Alabama. The national championship race is now officially huge open.

3) South Carolina (four-1) – Stop crying out loud. Just beat the former No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide, who had 18 instantly victories. When is the final time your favourite crew beat Alabama? Gamecocks had better hold prevailing or they’ll drop from right here in a rush.

Four) LSU (6-0) – Again, prevent that cussing out loud. The Tigers are unbeaten and just beat Florida, one of the top teams within the us of a till two weeks in the past. Must preserve prevailing to stay everywhere close to right here.

Five) Ohio State (6-zero) – Both citizens inside the AP Poll and Coaches Poll have the Buckeyes No. 1 in the u . S . A . Now. This is crap. Ohio State has NOT performed or crushed a single crew currently in the AP Top 25 Poll. Their reputation precedes them, but how correct are they? Buckeyes haven’t begun to face Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan – the most effective 3 teams really worth bringing up that they will play all season.

I will throw the Buckeyes a bone here, however they may be positive no better than No. Five in my e book at this point in time. Let’s prevent performing like Ohio State is a few gift from the soccer gods.

6) Alabama (5-1) – Still no pushover despite the fact that they did not beat South Carolina on-the-street. Crimson Tide has already beaten twelfth-ranked Arkansas and twenty second-ranked Florida. Not too shabby in comparison to every other crew in the modern AP Top 25.

7) Oklahoma (five-zero) – Not a large fan of the Sooners, however they’ve beaten 16th-ranked Florida State and twenty third-ranked Air Force. Besides Alabama, Oklahoma is the ONLY team that has beaten other presently ranked teams inside the AP Top 25.

8) Michigan State (6-0) – Spartans are 6-zero for the primary time seeing that 1999, once they went 10-2. Have overwhelmed 18th-ranked Wisconsin, and simply polished off the Michigan Wolverines and Denard Robinson, 34-17, who ranked 18th before they met Michigan State.

9) Boise State (5-0) – Broncos have gained massive and are undefeated thus far, however have handiest overwhelmed twenty fourth-ranked Oregon State.

10) TCU (6-zero) – Horned Frogs have won large and are undefeated up to now, but have additionally simplest overwhelmed 24th-ranked Oregon State.

Try and believe, if you would, just wherein Boise State and TCU could be if their schedules protected Penn State, Arkansas, Florida, South Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee, LSU, Mississippi State and Auburn. Florida will face all of those groups this season. Do you clearly assume Boise State and TCU could be prevailing nine, 10, 11 or 12 video games a season?

11) Nebraska (five-zero) – Unbeaten, however did you already know that the Cornhuskers have NOT played or beaten a single crew presently inside the AP Top 25 Poll?

12) Utah (five-zero) – Unbeaten, but did that the Utes have NOT performed or crushed a unmarried crew presently in the AP Top 25 Poll?

Thirteen) Iowa (4-1) – Hawkeyes have at the least beaten seventeenth-ranked Arizona.

14) Arizona (4-1) – Wildcats have as a minimum beaten fifteenth-ranked Iowa.

15) Nevada (6-zero) – All offense, little defense. Unbeaten, but did you realize that the Wolf Pack have NOT played or overwhelmed a unmarried team presently in the AP Top 25 Poll? How long earlier than they lose their first sport?

Sixteen) Oklahoma State (5-zero) – All offense, little defense. Unbeaten, however did you already know that the Cowboys have NOT played or beaten a unmarried group presently inside the AP Top 25 Poll? How lengthy earlier than they lose their first game?

17) Missouri (five-zero) – A lot of ho-hum wins. Jeeze Louise, will they ever play everybody? Unbeaten, but did you know that the Tigers have NOT performed or beaten a unmarried team presently inside the AP Top 25 Poll? How lengthy earlier than they lose their first game?

18) Arkansas (four-1) – Riding on SEC rep. Did you know that the Razorbacks have played however NOT crushed a single team presently within the AP Top 25 Poll?

19) Stanford (five-1) – Looked simply desirable till they lost to Oregon. Did you know that the Cardinal have played however NOT overwhelmed a unmarried crew presently inside the AP Top 25 Poll?

20) Oregon State (three-2) – Yeah, the Beavers are three and a couple of but they’ve additionally crushed seventeenth-ranked Arizona, which is greater than Ohio State, Nebraska, Utah, Arkansas, Stanford, Florida State, Wisconsin, Nevada, Oklahoma State, Missouri, Florida, Air Force and West Virginia can say, because none of these teams have both played or beaten, or played and beaten a group presently ranked within the AP Top 25 Poll.

So take that karate kick to the pinnacle, and respect what I am pronouncing and sharing with you. I am retaining music of this stuff, dude. So if Oregon State is ranked beforehand of your favored group, shut up. They want to play anyone and play up, now not down.

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