There are a lot of ways on how you can measure someone’s popularity. This is especially true in sports. If the team consistently packs the stadium, then it’s safe to say that the team is popular. If your team’s game is shown a lot on National TV like the Los Angeles Lakers, then your team is popular. If you’re a player and you can see a lot of fans wearing your jersey on the stands, then your popularity is off the charts.  GETIX.ID

This is not reserved for sports only. Actors, singers, dancers and the likes also check for their popularity. Of course, it goes without saying that their livelihoods depend on their popularity. How can a singer expect to make a living if no one is buying her album and going to her concerts? How can an actor pay rent if no one’s tapping him for a role in a movie because he’s not popular? This is why they always gauge their popularity.

If they feel that they need a little (or big!) boost in popularity, it’s good to know that there are a lot of things that they can do. If they’re looking for something that’s proven to be very effective, they can utilize bobble head dolls. A lot of people, teams and groups have been customizing bobble heads as a marketing tool. Let’s say that you’re a local actor who’s looking to increase exposure because you want to tap a wider market. You can contact a good manufacturer and send them a couple of your best pictures and you’ll have your own bobble head dolls in no time. You can then give them out and that can literally make you a household name as they’ll be displayed prominently in homes in plain view of the residents and the guests.

It’s already common knowledge that they’re used as a marketing tool. After all, there’s a good chance that you’ve received one from a group or an individual looking to increase their popularity. If you’re into sports, then there’s an even better chance that you’ve encountered teams using custom bobble heads to market their games.

However, did you know that they can also be used to measure popularity? Speaking of using bobble head dolls at games, a lot of teams hold bobble head nights for their players. Now, it could be for a retired player. If you’re a retired player and your old team holds a bobble head night in your honor, you can be sure that you’re a popular player. As mentioned, teams use custom bobble heads to help pull in the fans at the games. In a way, the team is using the player’s popularity in order to sell games. Of course, they also want to honor the player and his contributions to the team.

Teams also hold bobble head nights for existing players. There are fans that are hardcore fans of the player and not the team. It’s safe to say that Ken Griffey Jr. has a lot of these fans and of course, the Seattle Mariners would like to take advantage of that. If he didn’t know that he’s popular, then he probably knows it by now because the team has had countless of bobble head nights in his honor. In 2009, there were 5 of these nights. If your team would gladly give out 20,000 custom-designed figurines for each of these nights, then you can safely say that you’re popular.

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